About Me

After 15 years in the design industry I’ve learned the value of keeping an open mind and engaging in a wide range of projects across many industries. It’s important for me to be continually learning, and improving my skills. I give 100% of my best effort to every project, and work alongside clients to find the best solutions for their business.

I also try to have fun while I’m doing it!

My UX Career Evolution

As with most UX designers I know, my path to becoming a UX designer hasn’t been a straight line, but more of an evolution.  And it continues to evolve every day!

I was raised in a very small coal mining town in West Virginia, but moved to New York City with my sights set on being an actor.  Like all actors, I needed a day job, and found one at an internet start-up that taught me to be a web designer.

Becoming a Solopreneur

When the start-up had run it’s course, I hung my shingle as a solopreneur.  For more than a decade Shannon Brown Web Design, LLC provided web design, UX design, and marketing services to businesses in the financial services, technology, education, entertainment, beauty & fitness, real estate, and retail industries.

No project was too big, or too small!  As a boutique agency I designed websites for authors, bakers, dog walkers, musicians, grocery stores, jewelers, bars, hair salons, psychologists, dog trainers, self-help gurus and non-profits.  The benefits were numerous!  I learned to approach projects with an open mind, to listen closely to clients to address their specific needs, and how to communicate effectively with different personalities.  I also gained an understanding of how to run a small business.

Joining the World of Analytics

In 2014 I felt a need to change course and expand my UX skills.  I took projects with NBC Universal and Pearson Learning before accepting a full-time position with Lancet Data Sciences.  At Lancet I was introduced to the world of analytics, and focused on designing BI dashboards for Tableau and MicroStrategy.

Teradata acquired Lancet in 2015 and I became a UX/UI designer for Teradata’s Think Big Analytics.   My time with Teradata has been one of tremendous growth, working on projects with Procter & Gamble, Centene, Prudential Real Estate Investors, Banner Health, McCain Foods, Celgene, RJ Reynolds, Cambria, NXP, and the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.

Every project brings unique opportunities to interface with brilliant people to solve business problems through design.